Sweating the Small Stuff!


I'm a fan of sweating the small stuff these days! No, not that small stuff...the small that truly does matter. The treasures in your home, the sweet rituals of the day, moments with family or friends, walking the beach or simply reading a book. I've really started paying attention to these tiny, everyday happenings. More often than not, time is moving faster than I can even comprehend. I figured the best way to slow the motion is to indulge in the small and simple. To really pay close attention and to feel every bit of the experience. I make it sound so easy, it's not! I've had to create some serious discipline around it for sure. However, as time passes, I do feel like it's become more of a natural perspective. 

Based on that, here are some small treasures I choose to surround myself with. They're little reminders of what matters most. I generally like keeping things simple, but I also love to showcase the special things. I really do feel like your home can be your sanctuary.

A mantel full of goodies...some found, some old and some handmade.

A thrift store chair, rocks on the floor and driftwood in the background.

A kitchen corner (which needs cleaning!) of oddities that I like, just cuz.


A ceramic bowl I made in Amsterdam, found sand dollars and sage for a good smudging. 

Cement blocks I grabbed from the backyard...I love the design they create!

My every changing dining table. I'm always switching it up based on the season or what I'm liking.

An old whiskey barrel as a side table, and flowers of course! 

A chair that's a family heirloom, wooden tulips from the Netherlands and a Gnome for good measure.

Thoughts for next week: Likes and Links

BIg Hugs - J