I Like This...

I've been pretty busy this week so I decided to shift writing themes. I came across a video on Ted Talks that really resonated with me, for many reasons. I decided to include it in my post and share why I connected with it. Check out the video below and continue on for my thoughts. Hope you like it, Thanks! 

  • First of all, I love her creative gesture and overall personal expression!!
  • When she saw others doing the same(knitting), she felt connected rather than competitive. There seems to be so much ownership and entitlement these days, I admire her for not going that route. 
  • She's reminding and encouraging people (especially young people) to use their hands for the sake of imagination, exploration, and creativity. 
  • I love that she embraced her own creative curiosity and was then willing to keep following it. She honored life's ever-changing path and chose to shift with it rather than against it (from a math major to yarn bomber! Yes!! Hell Yes!). 
  • I appreciate her awareness! She first recognized her interests in how she wanted to change or enhance her surroundings, which of course led to her to knitting. She later became observant to how people responded to her efforts. This then led to more knitting and in turn creating a global creative movement. Paying attention and being engaged can play such a pivotal role in the progression and growth of our lives.
  • Overall, I love that she seems passionate about her own life while sharing it w/ others!!! That's soooo what the game is all about! 
  • Lastly, but most importantly, her message of openness...BE OPEN!! Be open to life!!

Thoughts for next week: Likes and Links

Big Hugs - J