What's Up...

You guys! I haven't provided updates on my whereabouts in a while. Being that my blog isn't entirely devoted to my creative business, I have to remind myself to check in. However, you can find me more frequently on social media if you'd like. As of now, Instagram seems to be my outlet of choice. Although I'm trying to rally my motivation and get myself over to Periscope. One of these days it will happen, in the meantime, pacing myself while staying sane is the current priority!!! Overall I'm excited to share some updates, and thanks as always for finding your way to the blog. I appreciate all the support!

  • New Monthly Print(s) are available in my shop and will be for the rest of the year. 
  • Garden Series Illustrations are available in the shop until the end of the summer.
  • I'll be having a local Studio Sale at the end of summer. More info to come as event nears! 
  • I'll also have an online sale that coincides with the Studio Sale. More info. soon! 
  • I'm hoping to do some Instagram Sales and Giveaways, follow me to find out more. 
  • Facilitating creative workshops has been on my mind. I would love your feedback! Would anyone be interested or have thoughts on what you'd like to learn?
  • Prints will soon be available in local retail shops
  • A secret project is brewing and I can't wait to share soon!!!

Here's a few pieces I've recently worked on. My style and creative pursuits are forever-changing which keeps me on my toes. Each day I thank my lucky stars to be following this creative path!!! 

Thoughts for next week: Honoring our Creativity

Big Hugs - J