Women Making An Impact

If you personally haven't taken a yoga class, I'm sure you know someone that has. That's just how popular yoga has become, it's completely sky-rocketed over the past 10-20 years!! Which is a good thing, it means more and more people are opening up to alternative ways of staying active and mindful. I don't practice it regularly but I have taken classes over the years and occasionally use videos at home. Nevertheless, I have a great appreciation for all that it can offer the mind, body and soul. 

This now leads me to the woman I'm highlighting for my, 'Women Making an Impact' series. Her name is Seane Corn, and yes, she is an internationally known Yoga Teacher. She more specifically teaches Vinyasa Flow Asana, which is the combination of breathing and movement in unison. She additionally includes visualization, prayer and meditation as part of her teaching method. Beyond teaching, Seane is a passionate activist and has uniquely paired her love of yoga with her drive for making a difference. One of her biggest contributions is a program she started called, 'Off the Mat, Into the World.' This is a program dedicated to facilitating yoga instructors, helping them find their unique purpose and aligning them with the community. Essentially using the yoga/wellness community as a portal for change. This program was founded in 2007 and has since grown in many different fashions. I have no doubt that this program will continue to evolve and bring full circle connections to the yoga community and world. I personally had the honor to witness Seane in action. I attended a retreat in 2014 where Seane was teaching and speaking (more like preaching!). I didn't take her class, but I did hear her speak. She is beyond wise, talented and a powerhouse soul and being. I stand behind her passionate heart and beliefs, I highly recommend checking her out! The videos below give you a hint of what she's about. I also provide some links to her website and organization...namaste!



Thoughts for next week: Something from the heart...

Big Hugs - J