Dismantling Expectations

I have struggled with finding my place, my footing and my overall being. When I reflect on past years I envision a young girl/woman floating through life, slightly detached from my body and my essence. I was so far removed from the core of my true self, never feeling secure or grounded. This person I describe is not long gone, I've only recently come to terms with this realization. Over the past few years, I have been deep in the trenches of some gritty soul work.

My biggest revelation thus far, is that we can all get lost in the illusion of expectations. Whether it be the expectations of family, friends or society as a whole. We're often given ideas of how we're supposed to live, templates to be used and passed down from generation to generation. The tight hold on beliefs, traditions, and expectations can often suffocate life's most amazing gifts and offerings. Some of which are, diversity, self expression and the pure joy individuality. Now this is not to say that we shouldn't share knowledge and thoughts with one another. We grow and learn from each person that we encounter and that connection is essential. But, it's also essential to let go of the control over another persons beliefs. An acceptance of individuals seeking other paths, "different" ways of thinking, doing and being. I truly believe that life is meant to be lived and received in this manner...in the most natural unfolding, fluid and expressive way.

This soul searching journey has been a slow process of dismantling the expectations. To digging firmly into the earth and grounding myself intently. To recognizing that I am a highly sensitive person, accepting it, and in turn being empowered by it. To embracing the creative fire in my belly that was smothered for too long. To quietly removing the standards or social "norms" that haven't worked for me along the way. Life is big and daunting at times, but I'm finally navigating it with a stronger sense of self. With each day I am more proudly and confidently embodying the person that feels most like me. 


Thoughts for next week: Women Making an Impact series

Big Hugs - J