Women Making An Impact

I came across a ted talk that totally warmed my heart and inspired me! That being said, I've decided to share this video of two young girls (sisters) making an impact in their community. I'm so impressed by their determination, wisdom, and overall thoughtfulness to the environment. It makes me hopeful about the future and all the good that's happening in the world. There's soooo much focus on the negative, yet there's positivity waiting to be seen, heard or acted upon always. These young women took a negative and made the choice to actively find the positive. Sadly, you can't say the same for a lot of adults or people of authority these days. I really do think that grassroots movement, community effort or individual action is a powerful means to making a difference in the world. Go Girls!!!!!

Thoughts for Next Week: Truth Tellin' Yo!

Big Hugs - J

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