Truth Tellin' Yo!

My truth tellin' posts have become a regular here on the blog. I enjoy sharing some of my random, more personal thoughts, and hopefully you enjoy reading them. I think it's important to share honestly, and with a bit of vulnerability. As an individual, it does my soul good to release who I am into the world. It's not only a declaration to you, it's a validation for me. On that note, ONWARD AND UPWARD....

  • I'm starting to see a personal style develop in my artwork...feels good.
  • Visiting some Farm-Stays is on my checklist this summer!! There's so many to see nation wide, exciting!
  • I've come to understand that moving slowly through life is the pace best suited for me. 
  • Grounding, Meditation, & Stretching continues to be my pillar for strength physically & emotionally.
  • I believe breathing techniques are of the best resources for good health.
  • My go-to regimen as of lately, includes castor oil. It has so many benefits, I'm currently using it in my hair, toothpaste and to hydrate my skin. 
  • I want more days of uninterrupted-hands-on activity, like gardening, creating, cooking and so on. 
  • I'm feeling a drive to get behind, beneath and above a cause!!! Hmmm...
  • Thinking about taking an Ecstatic Dance class. It's based on the idea of free-movement w/ the intention of having no intention. It's for the body and mind to release and let go, with no requirements or expectations.
  • The possibility of facilitating creative workshops is gaining momentum...brainstorming in the works!
  • I lean on compassion to teach me the ways of being and viewing the world. 
  • How did the topic of food become so complicated?
  • I hope to ride my bike more this summer!!
  • Reading more is always on my list of to-do's
  • Can't wait until this campaign is done and over with...stop the madness please!!
  • I want to sew my own snazzy fanny pack.
  • Reminding myself that things are forever changing and to not hold on so tight...follow life's fluid motion
  • I openly invite more quiet...
  • Reinforcing personal boundaries are a forever and ongoing lesson....
  • The end!

Thoughts for next week: Honoring Our Creativity series

Big Hugs - J