Women Making An Impact

The Vagina Monologues...remember that brave, powerful, intimate, progressive and amazingly honest title that flooded the media back in the 90's? If not, it was a play written and performed by the incredible writer, author, speaker, actress and activist/feminist Eve Ensler. The play consisted of various monologues, all of which related to the vagina, such as, sex, love, abuse, rape, genital, relationships, menstruation, mutilation, birth and so on. The play really sent a message that the vagina is a symbol of empowerment and individuality. All of these monologues, played by alternating actresses gave representation to the stories of women worldwide, including Eve's own personal story of childhood abuse. 

Eve has moved on to create more plays, write books and even films. However, what really originated from that first play was her deep connection to the suffering of women. Her current motivation has strongly been directed towards healing and uplifting the feminine body and energy. She believes by supporting and encouraging this process, we can simultaneously heal the world. Eve has been all over the planet spreading this movement and caring for women. She has witnessed some of the most tragic circumstances of women globally. Part of her efforts that started shortly after The Vagina Monologues was her V-day campaign/movement. The campaign raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of The Vagina Monologues. The movement has since raised $100 million dollars and has educated thousands on the violence and suffering of women. 

Throughout all of this Eve was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. She has since spoken, written and created a play based on her memoir, In The Body Of The World. Eve reflects on her own personal struggles, the struggles of women and the current state of the planet, and how that intertwines with the Cancer that invaded her body. Below is a Ted Talk about Eve's journey with Cancer and the revelation that occurred while healing (she has been in remission for years). I have not had Cancer or anything close to it, but I've had my own quiet struggles with health. I can very much relate to Eve's sentiments on sickness and the connection to our planet. We're all humans with the same needs, sharing the same energetic physical space that we call earth. That same energy generated in third world countries is with no doubt infused with our own. This is why it's so vital for us as individuals to start thinking in a more unified and supportive manner. There truly is no divide between us, other than the illusions we create. 

In the end, I admire and respect Eve Ensler for her mission and efforts, but also for her bravery. She has endlessly used her story and vulnerabilities to express a message much bigger than her own. She has also devoted so much of her time to women in dangerous and traumatic environments. She's been a voice of representation for women all over the world. You can find more information on Eve here at her website: www.eveensler.org

Eve's words in this talk are so powerful, poetic and moving! I've watched it several times over. 

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