Honoring our Creativity

I've committed myself to a few chosen themes or series for my blog this year. One of the series is, "Honoring our Creativity." I've spoken endlessly about my journey with creativity and my passion for encouraging it. Every being has the capability and desire for creativity. It's our soul's path to expressing our deepest emotions and to connecting with each other. The trailer below is a documentary called, "The Territory Of Play." It's a film project originated in Brazil, located in both the urban and aboriginal regions. The intent of the documentary is to highlight the beauty and importance of play and creativity. 

What we were as children is who we are as adults. The sad truth is, our culture tells us a different a story, a story often not our own. At a certain point in our lives we're given the impression that creativity is not important or valued. This constant message over time, eventually strips people of their creative pursuits or play. If we were to live our lives through creativity, I strongly believe, the world would be a better and more joyful place. I hope you love this trailer as much as me!! 

The below quote is what the filmmaker said regarding his decision to remove the narration. His response is so aligned with why I created this series in the first place. His explanation is so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. 

"We tried for a year to include a narrator. Then we realized that when we took the narrator out, we gave the film to the spectator. It became a poetic, visual experience that connects to each and every spectator's self. So each person has their own strong experience, because everybody has had a childhood, or not enough of one.

"Even though the narrator was taken out, the narrative stayed the same - still structured around these classic human archetypes. The film starts with this spontaneous creation that even the kids don't know what the end will be. The process is the initial creator. The hunter. The inventor. The warrior. The builder. The desire to fly. The mother (the only adult in the film) showing the love that goes into creating a human that can go out and be himself."

 Filmmakers -Renata Meirelles & David Reek

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Big Hugs - J