The world as we know it today can feel quite heavy, divided and challenged. There's also more awareness, visibility and open forums for discussions or opinions. This in itself can feel like an additional layer of heaviness to some already labored topics. The wave of inundation from all of this can easily sweep us off our feet. I've thought about this a lot, and I've decided to do my best to mentally ride the wave. I really do feel that we're in the midst of a massive evolutionary shift. Similar to the plates of the earth, shifting from an old stuck position, into a new, more fitting placement. Of course, the Earth doesn't move so forcefully without upheaval or life altering circumstances. This is the necessity of life, to move and shift with CHANGE. Learning from what was and adjusting to what is. As humans, I think we're always evolving but it's not without inconsistencies, obstacles and learning curves. I currently think we're deep in the trenches of these life altering challenges, yet I remain hopeful about the outcome. Where we are is exactly where we need to be. CHANGE is not easy, it can come with defiance, fear, denial and a lack of acceptance. With this type of behavior comes consequences and with consequences comes lessons. I believe these lessons are being formed now, and some even being learned. Yet, it's going to take time and patience to truly be a unified front. Our perspective in life is really everything, but especially in times of challenge or CHANGE. Currently, I'm choosing a perspective of acceptance, to this difficult but necessary evolutionary shift. With this outlook, I feel less overwhelmed, I have more compassion for those still learning, or should I say unlearning, and remain motivated and optimistic for what is to come.

I believe what we're experiencing through all this tragedy, is OLD patterns, beliefs, stories, and behavior, breaking free from the roots in which the seeds were planted. As human beings, we all have our own history and understanding for life. We all move at the pace of our circumstances and of our willingness to grow. This can look different from one person to the next, in which, CHANGE looks different from one person to the next. Compassion, knowledge, and communication are some of the best offerings for the encouragement of CHANGE. Lives that have been lost through these tragedies of war, hate or ignorance can be honored, if we use this time to reflect and grow. I do believe we're as close as we've ever come to healing the wounds of our past, CHANGE is underway. The magnitude of what love can offer is gained and appreciated through the hardships of life, CHANGE is underway. Where we are is exactly where we need to be, CHANGE is underway.

Thoughts for next week: Honoring Our Creativity Series

Big Hugs - J