Honoring Our Creativity

In continuation of my series, 'Honoring Our Creativity,' I thought to share a few books that have enlightened me, inspired me, and quite simply motivated me. In regards to creativity, I liken myself to a turtle that has taken a verrrrry loooong time to fully come out of its shell. In all honesty, it's still a process that I'm learning to untangle. I hold creativity very dear to my heart, as I have no doubt it's connected to my core. I believe this to be true for everyone. We each were designed to express ourselves in different ways, that being the true essence of who we are. Creativity is the heartbeat of our individuality!!!!!!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, jeez! A bit passionate I suppose!! Here are the books I recommend and a brief description about each of them. Some are slightly dated, but relevant nonetheless. 

This is a book for an artist wanting to experiment w/ technique, style, and materials. 

This book provides practical advise, exercises and stories of others pursuing their passion...very informative.

This book is full of questions to ask yourself, more exercises, creative approaches and guidelines to follow!

This book is a bit more unconventional and less about technique. It's really about the expression of creativity and how to seek it within.


This book really parallels my thinking on creativity. It provides unique insight to the concept of creativity and how to live through it!! 

Thoughts for next week: Woman Making An Impact

Big Hugs - J