TRUTH Tellin'

My birthday is nearing so I thought it was due time for some truth tellin'! I might even dabble in some intention is a new birth year after all. Sooo, there ya have it!! 

  • A musician once stated...and I'm paraphrasing, that musical notes are heard in silence. I think we all have this discover our unique capabilities & gifts when we retreat inward
  • I'm beginning to think that GROWTH is one of the main reasons we're here.
  • I've been lazy w/ cooking these days, more about ingredients than recipes...if that makes sense? Kinda digging the simplicity of piecing meals together, more creative actually! 
  • Thinking about taking a retreat w/ the to choose what & where! 
  • I've had a few astrology readings in the past, and I highly recommend. There's so much depth to astrology and unfortunately is gets a bad wrap. It's pretty fascinating actually. 
  • I would love to see more teaching opportunities from Indigenous cultures. There's so much to respect about their way of much the western culture could learn!!
  • I've been getting urges to paint BIG! Wonder if there's any meaning to that, other than the urge.
  • Wouldn't it be great if there was a specific time of the day, that we were all silent or just observant? No doing, no talking, no technology...nothin'. This was asked of me at a retreat actually, and it was kind of profound. Not intentional meditation...just silence and observation.
  • I'm turning 42 on Aug. 9th, and so far I'm still okay with aging. It really has gotten better with each this point at least. Hoping to rally this mentality as long as I can!!! 

A few intentions for the hell of it....

  • Dig deeper in the well of creativity
  • Reignite my spontaneity 
  • Grow a creative community
  • Continue to enrich my grounding practices
  • Move Fluidly and w/ Ease
  • Nourish, Nourish, Nourish
  • Observe + Silence
  • Listen

Thoughts for next week: Likes + Links

Big Hugs - J