I've been practicing grounding techniques and morning rituals for the past few years. I originally started it as an entry to meditation, but as time moved on it became my core practice. I do have periods of meditation in my grounding routine, but my main intent is to ground my energy. What I mean by energy is the life force that runs through all living things. It's the wholeness of what we are and how we function. The other element I focus on is my emotional and mental well-being. Grounding is what draws me back into my own personal energy. It roots me to the nature of my essence and helps me to shed anyone else's. Now I don't say that rudely, I say it because it's the truth. Energy is always moving and very much transferrable from one person to another. We've all been there and know how our surroundings can affect us. That being said, this is the reason I come back to grounding as a daily routine. Especially being someone with a sensitive does wonders!!

I thought I would write out a list of things that have really worked for me. I am far from an expert on the topic and don't claim anything other than my own experience. The majority of what I'm sharing was actually formed by following my intuition. If there's anything I would truly recommend, it would be to do the same...follow that wise and knowing inner spirit!!! 

Here goes:

  • I incorporate stretching, which I actually do first. I have go-to stretches, but it always changes based on how I'm feeling that day. I check in w/ my body first and then start moving. 
  • Breathing is essential, like deep belly breathing!! I say belly because I literally expand my belly when exhaling, I do the same with my chest while inhaling. I get full circulation which really helps everything, but it especially gets the energy moving. I allow myself to exaggerate the breathing so I can easily follow it. I want to hear my breath & sometimes I'll include throat vibrations.
  • I do most of my grounding standing up, but also moving. Moving to me is really my form of meditation, but again, it also keeps the energy moving freely. I do repetitive movements while focusing on my breath.  
  • My other form of meditation is, slooooow movement. I really allow myself to let go of thought and get lost in the sloooow movement and breathing. It can almost feel a bit mesmerizing or hypnotic, and it's incredibly relaxing. 
  • As for the mental/emotional aspect, I literally visualize the energy moving and leaving my body. I'm a big believer in visualisation, but definitely with grounding. I'll often use the motions of my hands to scan my body, moving the energy along and out my feet. Always ending with my feet (barefoot) to firmly position myself on the ground in which I stand. Often, I visualize being outdoors with my feet planted in the soil, while surrounded by trees. 
  • Sometimes I incorporate the Chakras and focus on certain areas that might be necessary.
  • I'll also talk to myself internally about the negative things I need to shed. I put words to action, it really makes a difference (words/thoughts are energy). As I motion this energy through my body and out my feet, I visualize it being put in the earth to then be regenerated as new energy. 
  • I'll often end with a concluding thought or something related to the start of my day. Gratitude is included no matter what, as I believe it goes hand and hand. 

There ya have it! I've shared with you one of my most spiritual, personal and sacred practices. I hope it resonates with you in some way. It really is the most important part of my day!!

Thoughts for next week: Woman Making An Impact

Big Hugs - J