Woman Making An Impact

Alright, so this particular story embodies a number of things that are dear to my heart; creativity, the environment and of course a strong-hearted woman making a big-hearted impact! I admire and appreciate Zaria Forman for her use of creativity to invoke emotion and awareness around the urgency of climate change. For me, it really displays the power of creativity and the many connections it can make. I also agree and attest to the notion that creativity is an outlet for meditation. I fully live by this rhythm in my own creativity and believe we all have a sacred practice waiting to be received. The last piece I loved about this story was the influence of creativity and service passed on by her parents. What a gorgeous legacy to leave for your children, and an influence of positivity. Zaria seems to have integrated these traditions quite well, I'm sure her mom would be proud. Please take a peek, I know you'll love it too! 

Thoughts for next week: Honoring Our Creativity

Big Hugs - J