Breaking Tradition...

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday festivities. Can't believe we're in the beginnings of a brand new year. Nothing has changed, yet everything feels changed...the magic a new year can bring. It's that fresh start and opportunity for reflection that solidifies it all. Truthfully for me, that reflection started far before the year's end. I went through a lot of emotional shifts last year, all for the good, but not without hardship. It was because of this that I decided it was time to reassess, rejuvenate and find some clarity. 

I initially approached this by taking time away from any obligations. I simplified my life down to the core essentials, trying to remove as much stress as possible. Some of my challenges were health related, so minimizing the stress was of high priority. The last couple months of 2016 were really devoted to just me, wow, what a concept?!!! I say that sarcastically because I am often (as many are, especially women) guilt-ridden by the thought of taking time for myself!!! Nevertheless, I was committed and knew it was my responsibility. This past year kinda brought me to my knees, and I felt the internal plea to find some peace.

To finalize the year, I was really needing to regain my sense of self. To shed the external and to move deeply internal. For me, that meant sacrificing my time with others and checking out for the holiday season. This is when I decided to sign-up for a retreat; to learn new ways of being, to connect with others doing the same, to devote some time to my relationship, and to simply be ME. It was the best thing I've done in a very long time! It left me feeling liberated, reconnected, strong, open and ultimately grounded within. Empowerment!! That's the word that defines it most, and it's also the word I'll be carrying with me throughout 2017. Cheers!!

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Big Hugs - J