Truth Tellin'

I had to share this gorgeous video. There's so many angles of inspiration in this sweet little story. I can only hope to live with such conviction, wisdom and passion!! What a great example of living and loving what you do. 


  • Normally I'm not phased by winter, but this year I am anxiously waiting for spring!!
  • I've been thinking about planning a trip to Santa Fe next fall. I'm curious about the landscape and the art scene... Any suggestions?
  • Recently I started shifting my perspective around discipline. The hardest part of embracing it, usually dissolves after the first few weeks of engaging it. Once the results start to surface discipline seems less intimidating. It really is just a temporary stepping stone to what you're wanting or needing. Sounds obvious, not so much for me! 
  • I've been practicing the concept of moving literally walking, drawing, cleaning, cooking...doing everything slowly! It's had an amazing effect on me and my surroundings.
  • I went to a retreat last December & one of the best things about it was the interactions. There was a freedom and fluidity to the conversations. An openness that really set the stage for deep connection. I've only experienced this at retreats, but I want to make it an ongoing habit. 
  • Pursuing art & creativity as a business has been one of my greatest joys, while equally my biggest challenge. Way more complicated than I anticipated, but worth it. 
  • I've been thinking about a Spring detox. Normally it's not my thing, but this year it feels appropriate.
  • Come summer I'm spending a month at the beach making art!!!
  • I'm taking a screen printing class with my dad this month. All aspects of this make me happy!
  • I've got a secret creative project brewing as we speak...eeek! This is where discipline comes in to play!!!
  • Over the past few years, my personal growth has been groundbreaking. Some difficult times have proven to be my most monumental. Opposing forces are always working together in the end. 
  • Planning to do a DIY concrete countertop....any tips?
  • I love having the all-access availability to my parents since they've retired. Pretty lucky!
  • Everything will be okay...just in case anyone was needing to hear that. 
  • Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

Thoughts for next time: Creative Flow and Acceptance

Big Hugs - J