Quieting the Noise & Intuitive Knowing

I was feeling conflicted, distracted, and ultimately a bit stagnant. All signs were pointing to a much needed break!!! Not so much for the leisure, but more for the quiet! I needed to hear my own thoughts, my own wisdom and my own inspiration. I take full responsibility for overdosing on social media and other digital outlets. I convinced myself that what others were doing, I also needed to be doing...monkey see, monkey do!!!

I read too many articles, listened to endless podcasts, followed a number of blogs, and ultimately fell victim to information overload. That's not to say you shouldn't do your research or seek-out knowledge. I think those are important building blocks to all things in life. However, while I was absorbing all this information, I forgot to ask myself whether it truly applied to me. Ultimately, I was taking someone else's journey as my own. 

I'm taking a moment to pause, and currently following my own lead. I take that back, it's actually creativity that I'm following. I've given myself full permission to step away from everything and take a deep dive into creativity. Participating in my own journey is the only way to truly be informed. 

Big Hugs - J